What You Should Know About AWS Cloud Watch


The Amazon cloud watch services support was launched way back in 2006. Since its inception the Amazon web services support has grown into a massive web platform. Some net analysts even consider that the AWS support services has the capability to take over the entire internet domain. Like any successful organization the AWS has been growing substantially since 2006 by adding and removing computing facilities that has made it stronger and far spread than most of its competitors. AWS has a strong technical force comprising of proficient technical staff and resources functional with state of the art technology. The company does not compromise on any quality aspect which helps business to scale up their business operations rapidly without the worry of failing IT services.

The brilliance of AWS cloud watch services is that it is manned by expert engineers and technical support personnel, round the clock without any interruption. The customer support personnel at AWS provide the best services that enable customers to seek out the best from Amazon web services. The support services are divided into four major types depending on the needs of the users. Users can pick from basic, developer, business and enterprise mode each with its own set of additional and unique features catering to each class.

The basic AWS support services provides 24/5 support along with support forums and AWS trusted advisors who provide the best technical support in clarifying any complex issues. The basic users are also given access to documentation, best practice guides and white papers that enable them to adopt the best possible procedures for preventing and overcoming technical issues.

The AWS trusted adviser can be consulted with four checks for both basic and developer, whereas business and enterprise have 37 checks as part of the package. All the four user class also will be given access to support forums that provides free of cost assistance to common technical issues.

Access to big data analytics support is one of the crucial features that AWS users get from the organization. Basic users have access for health support services whereas business and enterprise users have access to technical support through phone, chat, email and live screen sharing all time all year round. Troubleshooting devices and technical glitches has never been easy in this new network environment.

AWS web services are considered to be the front runner as a cloud computing service provider in the country where IT is a major contributor to the GDP. The organization has positioned itself as a user centric IT enterprise that provides technical support of the highest grade at nominal pricing. Their flexible pricing plans are best suitable for various user types. The scalability of the SIEM services on per need basis adds value to businesses that operate on thin line finances.


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