All about Intrusion Detection Systems


Every company wants and needs to protect their business’ privacy and confidentiality. In this case, the help of intrusion detection system is needed. The main job and duty of an intrusion detection system is actually to protect each company’s computer security. In today’s time, stealing of security information and hacking of system is very common that is why it is very important for every company to have and avail intrusion detection system. These hacking and stealing acts are actually due to the easy accessibility of vulnerable assessment tools.

Big data analytics state and reflect that company networks are vast developing. However, the networks present in these company networks are becoming more and more important. The company network is actually accessed by every employee in the company as long as they are using the computer of the company. These employees are all linked to a single network and when the cyber security of the company’s network is insufficient, a threat to the one of the network’s program may cause the whole system to collapse. This incident is actually considered as simple system failure but it gives a very big impact on the company where a lot of time would be wasted and a big amount of money would be spent. In order for you to avoid problem like this, it is very important that you have an intrusion detection system and the most efficient cyber security.

The following are the works and jobs of an intrusion detection system that you should know.

The first one is that, the incident response system is designed to keep the system active and operational. This means that, potential hackers would be detected by the program and with that, they will be blocked from the system making them unable to run and access the system. Thus, intrusion detection system is really important and has a vital role on internet security.

Secondly, intrusion detection system actually works as an investigating device that makes sure that the system is not accessed and attacked by malicious hackers. Data are also checked by these systems whether the data are safe or malicious. If the system has detected that the data contain malicious information, the data and information will be blocked, keeping it from entering and appearing on the network. In here, the role of the intrusion detection system in this case is a gatekeeper between the internal network of the company and the outside world of the company’s system.

These are the important things that you should know about SIEM intrusion detection system.


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